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Matting Dimension Calculator
Version 1.0.0 for Excel95 or Excel97


Matting Dimension Calculator helps to determine the measurements needed to cut foam board and mat boards used in matting and framing pictures, art, etc.  One of the hardest parts (or at least most confusing) was determining the measurements needed for the cuts. We then decided to develop a program to calculate and print a drawing with the needed measurements. Currently the program will only calculate dimensions for double mats.



System Requirements


Matting Dimension Calculator is an Excel 95 program. The program will also work with Excel 97. You must have Excel 95 or newer installed on the computer in order to use this program.



Running the Program


Start the program either by clicking on the matting.xls file or by starting Excel and choosing open and the matting.xls file.

When the file opens, a splash screen(Excel 95 only) will appear and then a form stating registration information. After 20 seconds a continue button will appear on the form. (If the program is registered this form will no longer appear) After pressing the continue button the Entry Form will appear. Enter the frame size, picture size, double matting spacing, and mat overlap of picture. Use the tab key to move between fields. All measurements are in inches.

The program excepts fractions.
Example: ten and one half inches 10 1/2 there is a space between the whole number and the fraction

Matting Dimension Calculator is shareware if you continue using it after the 30-day evaluation period is over you are required to register.

If you register the Matting Calculator using the online shopping cart, you will receive the registration via e-mail within 1 business day.

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The Matting Calculator registration fee is $5.00