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ppremind-queryBe proactive with your user's network password expiration, by sending them an email reminder that their password is about to expire.

Practical Password Reminder is a password expiration monitoring utility for domain accounts. The utility will lookup the domain’s password policy and determine which users have passwords that will be expiring within the specified number of days. Users with expiring passwords will receive a customizable email stating their password is about to expire. Domain administrators will also receive an email with a summary report that lists the users with passwords expiring within the specified number of days. Example report

This is great for Outlook Web Access(OWA), VPN users, Mac, Linux, or users that frequently use generic logins that may not receive the Windows logon password expiration notification.  Since Windows 7 no longer gives an expiration warning to users, an email alert is a suitable alternative to ensure users change their password before it expires.

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Current Version:
Click here to Download 30 day trial This is a fully functional 30 day trial.  When you purchase a license, you will receive a unique serial number that will remove the time limit.

  • Active Directory Password Reminder
  • Selectable reminder periods
  • Sends customizable email reminders with dynamic information from the active directory
  • Daily summary reports sent to users of your chose such as administrator(s)
  • Test mode to run reports and check settings without sending emails to end users
  • Several report options to show which users have passwords that are nearing expiration or expired.  The reports are a great tools to keep your AD clean.
  • Select which OUs you want to monitor
  • Perfect companion to Practical Password Reset - include a link to the Change Password page in the notification email
  • Works with any SMTP e-mail server.  Exchange is Not required.
  • Runs as a scheduled task without a user logged on a single computer
  • Supports 2008 and 2012 Server Fine Grain Password Policies
  • No changes to the Active Directory or Active Directory Schema are needed for the software to work.

  • Improve user productivity and reduce domain administrator and helpdesk work load caused by resetting expired passwords.
  • Keep your Active Directory free of unused accounts by using report options to help determine which user accounts can be removed.
  • Can be setup and safely tested in minutes.  This is a professional application, not a freeware script that needs lots of tweaking to make it functional.
  • The program only needs to be installed on one computer.
  • Affordable flat rate price $250.00, no confusing pricing schemes, no expensive maintenance contracts.


Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 or 2012 Active Directory Domain
SMTP server to send emails.
Exchange is Not requiredOne domain computer
Internet Explorer 6, and up, Firefox, or Chrome

Note on our pricing:
We believe in providing high quality and beneficial products at a price that is affordable to all companies. We don’t like buying network administrative software for our own use that is licensed on a per user basis and we don’t believe you should have to either. This is especially true when the software is exactly the same whether there are 10 users or 10,000 users. In this time of economic downturn, we understand there is an even greater need for companies to find and implement cost effective solutions. We want to provide software that fits that need.

$250.00 per computer it is installed on. It only needs to be installed on one computer per domain. Currently you can't manage more than one domain per installation. You will need to install Practical Password Reminder separately for each domain and purchase a license for each domain.  Licenses can be purchased by credit card or purchase order.  POs can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or faxed to 208-379-1292208-379-1292 

Updates are free for licensed users. Updates are defined as changes in the minor version number of the product. For example, v1.1 is an update from v1.0. Major releases are upgrades and are not free.

Free This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it support for licensed users of the current major release.


Practical Password Reminder Price: $250.00

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