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shutdownconfigTHUM Shutdown is a utility to shutdown multiple Windows computers based on the readings received from a locally installed THUM(Temperature Humidity USB Monitor) device. This is an add-on to the THUM software.

Do you have a THUM in a server room and need to automatically shutdown multiple computers/servers in the event of a major HVAC failure? Then you need the THUM Shutdown Utility.

Today’s server rooms generate a large amount of heat. In the event of an air conditioning failure, the room temperature can quickly reach temperatures of 90 F or above. Running servers at high temperatures can shorten the life of the server and damage hard drives. The THUM Shutdown Utility can automatically shutdown the servers to prevent damage due to high temperatures.

Let the THUM and THUM Shutdown Utility monitor your server room temperatures and shutdown Windows servers and desktops if critical room temperatures/humidity occur. These tools are always watching out for the health of your servers - even nights, weekends, and holidays.

The program runs as a Windows service and will compare the temperature and humidity readings it receives from the THUM with alarm set points entered into the shutdown utility. If the readings are outside of the set points the program will start its shutdown sequence for computers in the list. It can also send an email notification when each computer has been shutdown.

The THUM Shutdown Utility is installed on the same computer connected to the THUM. The software performs a remote administrative shutdown of other computers. The computers to be shutdown do not need any extra software installed.

Note: If shutting down computers with operating systems with UAC(User Access Control), UAC must be disabled on those computers. When UAC is enabled, it prevents remote shutdown of the computer. OSs with UAC include: Vista, Windows 7, and 2008 Server

Note: THUM Shutdown Utility can only shutdown Windows computers.  The ability to shutdown Linux computers may be added in a future release.

This program requires a THUM (Temperature Humidity USB Monitor).

System Requirements:
Pentium 1 GHz computer or faster
256 MB RAM or greater
THUM(Temperature Humidity USB Monitor)
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 server, 2008 server 32 & 64 bit
SMTP server to send emails. Exchange is Not required

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$75.00 per computer it is installed on. It only needs to be installed on one computer.

Updates are free for licensed users. Updates are defined as changes in the minor version number of the product. For example, v1.1 is an update from v1.0. Major releases are upgrades and are not free.

Free This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it support for licensed users of the current major release.


THUM Shutdown Utility Price: $75.00

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