Frequently Asked Questions
Practical Password Reminder FAQ
  • Additional Account Info-Active Directory Users Add-on to display extra password properties.

    What Acctinfo.dll does for you is expose more properties in ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers), for example lastLogon and Password Expires.  Specifically, with this add-on you get an extra tab in ADUC called Additional Account Info.  This tools adds an easy for a domain admin with the AD administrative tools to check when a user's password will expire.

    More info on Acctinfo.dll and instation instructions can be found at

  • Unable to Email or change Option settings in Vista or Windows 7.

    When running the program, you must run the program as administrator.  This is due to a new security feature of Vista, Win 7, and 2008 server which prevents the currently logged-in user from writing to certain locations and restarting services.  To run as administrator, Right click on the program shortcut and click "Run as Administrator", this will allow the program to change the items it needs to.
    For more info see this article

    Another possible problem with email sending could be a firewall is blocking the program from sending email.  For the THUM, both thum.exe and thumsvc.exe may need to have a firewall exception created so they can send email.

  • Does Practical Password Reminder support 2008 Fine Grained Password Policies?

    The current version fully supports 2008 Server Fine Grained Password Policies. 

    Article on 2008 Server Fine Grained Password Policy