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Practical Design Group, LLC has over 20 years of experience writing software for Automated Test Equipment and Network Administration.

We believe in providing high quality and beneficial products at a price that is affordable to all companies. In this time of economic downturn, we understand there is an even greater need for companies to find and implement cost effective solutions. We want to provide software and hardware that fits that need.

Name change:  As of 8/1/05, Practical Solutions changed its name to Practical Design Group, LLC

For more information on our services or products, please contact us.

Practical Design Group, LLC has also developed, SplashLane, an easy to use, web-based interface that is accessible from all mobile web devices. It allows anyone interested in a particular swim meet to quickly and remotely access:

  • The web version of the meet program
  • Real-time updates of the event and heat currently in the water
  • Search athlete entries to view the event, heat, and lane assignment
  • Search team entries
  • Real-time updates and results from the timing console or Meet ManagerTM