Simple Reliable Temperature Humidity Monitoring

THUM (Temperature Humidity USB Monitor)thum-pdg-cut-white-sm

Practical Design Group, LLC developed and sells a unique temperature humidity monitor and data logger called the THUM (Temperature Humidity USB Monitor).


The THUM is a true USB device to monitor temperature and relative humidity of interior living, working, and storage spaces. The THUM is ideal for server rooms, kiosks, warehouses, manufacturing areas, musical instrument rooms  - wherever accurate and reliable temperature and humidity monitoring is required.

Reduce Your #1 Help Desk Call

Active Directory Password Management

ppremind-queryPractical Password Reminder is a password expiration monitoring utility for domain accounts. The utility will lookup the domain’s password policy and determine which users have passwords that will be expiring within the specified number of days. Users with expiring passwords will receive a customizable email stating their password is about to expire. Domain administrators will also receive an email with a summary report that lists the users with passwords expiring within the specified number of days. Example report


ppr-main-thPractical Password Reset is a web based password reset utility for helpdesk personnel, department managers, or group/team to reset user domain passwords and unlock accounts. The application provides a quick and easy way to reset user’s domain passwords. It also provides a way for Domain Administrators to delegate password management to the help desk, department managers, or groups/teams.